Company and territory

Olio Ansaldi

Our company produces only extravirigin olive oil from olives of the Taggiasca variety. Our olive groves are situated mostly in the municipality of Lucinasco and some in the municipality of Borgomaro in the hills behind Imperia. The company is run by the family so great care is taken with every detail: from the harvest of the olives to the pressing and bottling, thus guaranteeing a healthy, wholesome product with a refined flavour and an intense yellow colour.

A sea of olive groves embraces a little village in the hills behind Imperia: Lucinasco, where the production of olive oil is still the basis of its economy; a golden nectar with incomparable characteristics not only of taste and smell but also of nutrition, the colour of gold and delicately scented.
Our family farm “Azienda Agricola Olivicola “Famiglia Ansaldi” cultivates around 10,000 olive trees of the Taggiasca variety from 200 to 500 metres above sea level, from which fresh olives are harvested and a delicious nectar is extracted: extra virgin olive oil, a fundamental product in dressing and preparing the dishes of the Mediterranean diet.

Olio Ansaldi
Olio Ansaldi

The past lingers on in our memories, memories which we feel it our duty to spread, as part of a common inheritance of the whole community. This is the secret to appreciating our village, Lucinasco; searching the surrounding area for clues to read the territory and the buildings, survivors from an environment once inhabited in a concrete way, a physical way, by men and women who walked and worked on these terraces, the drops of their sweat soaking into the earth among the silvery olive leaves which gave them a living.
The love for the olive tree and its fruit in the Ansaldi family has been handed down over five generations, deep, ancient roots tie us to this noble centuries-old plant which has given us enormous pleasure and satisfaction.

You are invited to spend a pleasant day in our company at the farm where we have set up a little museum of country life with an emporium where we can have direct contact with our clients and given them the chance to taste and buy our typical products and have the chance to meet the unspoiled nature of the countryside and admire  the wonderful monuments to the unceasing industry of country life.